And The Winner Is!!!!

And The Winner Is!!!!

We are so excited to announce the winner of the “Woman’s History Month, Woman of Today” Award! 

Congratulations to Nundiah-Danielle Edwards

On behalf of Irie’Roots, LLC

The Nomination:

In 2009, Danielle was laid off and not only did she feel discouraged, she felt discarded. Danielle gained weight from stress and motherhood and she was beyond tired of being tired. She shared that she needed to take her body back and find a career that would allow her to be an active present parent for her two small children. This is what drove her to apply for a job at a local gym - a complete career change from being in banking - and to her complete surprise, they hired her on the spot. Little did Danielle know it would transform her life forever.⁣ While working on the business, she also started working out, all of which led her to gaining back her confidence. Things were going so well until… She was laid off again. The entire company shut down and this was her last straw. It was from there that Danielle decided to launch her own business. She came to the point where she needed to be in complete control of her employment.

With that  said she faced another hurdle, she didn’t have the money to start a business, but she had a big idea but before she could get in action her community of women came together and started a crowdfunding page for Danielle. They raised $3000. With those funds, she founded The New Body Project; Brooklyn’s 1st and ONLY All Women’s Fitness Boot Camp Studio.⁣ Her motivation to create a community and create a space for women to own their power drove her willingness to sell her  home to afford a space for her new business.

This was a leap of faith that proved to be worth it…until the pandemic hit. So while she was her own employer, her financial success was once again out of her hands. She was forced to shut down and she lost everything. Danielle’s unwavering spirit didn’t allow her to give up and came up with a big idea. She decided to turn her  beloved gym space into an intimate gathering space and became the founder of her second company called Atrium82, where events ranging from micro-weddings to intimate birthday parties to yoga classes to films are created. 

Now, as a serial entrepreneur, her businesses are making her dream to be the designer of her own destiny, a complete reality. What motivates Danielle is her desire to be an example to her kids  who are now 14 and 11 that anything is possible. She wants them to see that even through the storms, we are given all that we need to overcome. 

She’s also deeply motivated by the realization that she has the power to manifest her dreams and that community is powerful beyond measure to transform lives and what’s possible. Danielle’s motivation is what helps her make it happen day in and day out.  Danielle often shares that on her darkest days she chooses to believe in her and her dreams and that all things are possible. 

As one of her employees Danielle keeps it moving no matter how much energy she has left in my tank, all while focusing on what she can do to support others in their pursuits. It’s admirable to watch her will to not give up, and her passion to simultaneously help others.  This is why I am nominating Danielle as she is  able to rise up each and every day to sustain the businesses that sustain her community.

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