It’s Here! GROW 2.0 Stimulating Hair & Scalp Oil

It’s Here! GROW 2.0 Stimulating Hair & Scalp Oil

We are so excited to announce that Irie’Roots GROW has be re-formulated and enhanced to be even BETTER than before!


Experience the power of GROW 2.0 Stimulating Hair & Scalp Oil, a natural hair treatment infused with over 18 herbs including Rosemary. This hair oil is specially designed to nourish your hair and scalp, making them healthy and luscious.

Key Features:
- Infused with a herbal mix such as Rosemary, Fenugreek, Babchi Seeds and more
- Stimulates hair growth
- Nourishes scalp
- Promotes healthy & luscious hair

GROW 2.0 Stimulating Hair & Scalp Oil is an excellent choice for those looking for a natural solution to their hair problems. Its unique blend of ingredients helps in promoting healthy growth, while its nourishing properties keep your scalp moisturized.

So why wait? Get GROW 2.0 Stimulating Hair & Scalp Oil today and experience the power of nature!

For best results, apply several drops to hand and massage on scalp with fingertips at night. For oily hair or dandruff concerns, use as a hot oil treatment, leave on hair with steam cap, then wash hair thoroughly.

*Results may vary. If you have scalp or any other underlying concerns, please consult a professional. 

Starting today, and this weekend only, get free shipping with any purchase over $25. Discount automatically applied at checkout! 

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