Meet Astariea Diaz, founder and CEO of StarStylze, LLC.

Meet Astariea Diaz, founder and CEO of StarStylze, LLC.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Astariea Diaz, founder and CEO of StarStylze, LLC. She has been a licensed, professional cosmetologist for over 15 years, specializing in healthy hair & scalp care with a concentration in natural curly, coily, kinky hair! Based out of Springfield, Massachusetts, Astariea is currently accepting new clients! 

Here is what the owner of StarStylze, LLC had to say! 

When did you start your natural hair journey and why?

I started my natural hair journey in 2008 after having moved to North Carolina.  My body was changing in a new environment for the worst. I was breaking out and my hair was shedding bad. As much as I knew how to care for myself, I could not predict this outcome, so I started to transition slowly. Then I just cut my hair into a cute little bob to speed up the transition. I also had a feeling that even though many resisted the look or concept of “no relaxer”, natural hair care was going to take off. What better way to figure out and care for coils.

What are some of the most common mistakes you see people make with their natural hair?

Some of the most common mistakes I see people make with their natural hair is going to YouTube for all the answers. I understand that people find that going natural as a way to avoid spending money in the salons but it’s probably where they should start first. This actually saves time, frustration, and money! Another common mistake is thinking that your hair will grow so much and so fast just by merely going chemical free while at the same time NOT taking care of it. If you don’t water a plant, put it in the correct sunlight or give it whatever it needs, it wont grow. Lastly,  another mistake is waiting too long to get a trim or even a dusting off of the ends. Get rid of the split ends if you want to retain length. Oh, and let’s not forget a big one. Thinking that “protective styles” with no breaks or care in between will retain and keep their hair. Not so. People keep braids, wigs, crochets styles in way too long and get it done way too much.  It stops being protective when you do that. It becomes thin, brittle, and can potentially damage the hair follicles. Forget about the scalp. It’s not being cared for at all.

What are the top 3 tips you would advise someone that wants to start the natural haircare journey?   

The top 3 tips that I would advise someone who wants to start the natural hair journey are;

1. Be prepared to care for your hair. Don’t be lazy.

2. Keep your hair in 1 or 2 natural styles that suit you.

3. Don’t worry about what other people are doing with their hair. Everyone’s journey is different. Keep your own hair goals in mind.

How often do you recommend people to trim their curls and why?

I recommend someone to trim their curly hair every 3-4 months. If you are getting it straightened often, you should get it done every 3 months.  If you are wearing it curly, every 4 months. Trims eliminate split ends. All of the manipulation, heat-styles, anything that raises the cuticle layer, the environment, and even fabrics has the potential to cause split ends.

Do you have any upcoming events? If yes, what can women expect to learn and how can they sign up?

Yes!, I do have an upcoming event in January on the 7th. I will be teaching women how to care for their hair during the cold dry winter season. There will be a raffle, swag bag, giveaways, food, and just a great time to connect with a community of Coily Cuties, Kinky Kweens, and Curly friends!

You can follow me on instagram @starstylze_llc and click link in the bio for more info. 

Click Here to sign up now! 

I’m excited and look forward to see you!

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