Self Care and Hair Care with StarStylze!

Self Care and Hair Care with StarStylze!

With a new season comes some TLC for your hair. We welcome the crisp air and warm hues of fall. It's a season for sweater weather, pumpkin spice everything, and breathtaking foliage. But, as enchanting as the autumn season can be, it also presents new challenges for our hair.

The transition to the chill of fall can leave our hair feeling dry, dull, and lifeless. But fear not, we are here to ensure that you enter this vibrant season with your hair looking just as beautiful as the golden leaves gracing the trees.

I had the pleasure of booking The Spa Experience session with StarStylze LLC. If you haven’t seen it already, check out my video review on IG @beirieroots. 

The owner of StarStylze shared some tips for the fall and her motivation behind The Spa Experience. 

As a mom and wife, how important is self care?

  • As a mom and a wife, I have learned that self care is vital. When I don't have the space to release stress or recover from all the emotional,physical,mental, and even spiritual output, I can be a mad woman to be around. Poor hubs and kids! I also become negative towards myself

What inspired you to start the spa experience?

  • I started what is now called or is popular now as the spa experience, believe it or not in 2019. It started with me just adding essential oils to the hooded steamer I had. Shortly after, I added the heated or cold weighted pad. What drove me was comfort and relaxation. I really wanted my clients to really be able to release stress. They come to me to let go of the day with a scalp massage, a great shampoo, process situations in life by talking it out, and at the end leaving looking and feeling  amazing! I've always known that what I do is a ministry so I'm always trying to figure out ways to service better. A couple months ago, I had a client ask me if I had spa services on my menu. They inspired me to revamp and spruce up the experience. All five senses are stimulated, from the foot bath, aroma therapy, dim lighting, spa music, and a fresh glass or sparkling cider or mimosa.

We heard you refer to your salon as a safe place, how do you want your customers to feel when they walk through the doors?

  • Yes, a safe place. I want my clients to feel seen, heard, valued, and comfortable. I want them to know that they are important because I have no idea If my salon might be the only place they feel that way. . Some of my clients take their shoes off when they come see me during their one-on-one appointments. That makes me feel good. It shows me they feel fabulous and at home. I want my clients or anyone that come in to feel the way I do when I'm in the salon.

Is the silk press recommended to help protect hair in the colder months?

  • If I'm being honest no, a silk press is not recommended to help protect hair, rather it is the better time of year to maintain a silk press due to the lack of moisture in the atmosphere. Some benefits of a silk press from me are; the strengthening and moisturizing treatment, a well needed, trim(if needed), your cuticles are being close tight, which will leave your hair, shiny and lacking the moisture in. During what we call the silk press season clients are manipulating their hair but not much, and keeping their ends tucked in at night when wrapping or pin curling or rolling. Your scalp is out for breathing and the sun is touching your strands.
  • I recommend satin covered rollers, bobby pins for pin curling, and wrapping with a satin scarf
  • Microfiber scarves for winter weather, nylon or satin lined hoods. Try to stay away from wool. The harsh fabric can break hair causing split ends
  • Use an at home humidifier to keep moisture in the air
  • Be sure to go out side with COMPLETELY dry hair.
  • You can still do Wash+Set+Go's all year around. During the winter being careless about drying your hair all the way through can be a detriment.

It's clear that the fall season, while cozy and picturesque, can indeed be challenging for your hair. The key to healthy hair in fall and every season is a solid hair care routine that addresses the unique needs of your hair type and the changing seasons.

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