What’s Your Type?

What’s Your Type?

What’s Your Type

Hair type is all about your hair’s curl pattern. From straight, Types 1 to coily kinky, Type 4-5. Its also common to have different curl patterns on different parts of your head. 

Curls need to be kept healthy, and it often takes trial and error to find the products to not only provide bounce and definition but nourishment. The curlier and more porous your hair is, the more likely you will need intense, regular moisturizing to keep it healthy. I found that many products offered my curls a temporary shine and luster, but left my hair very dry and brittle. Irie’Roots focus is hair and scalp health. 

If you’re not sure where to start, consult a professional who specializes in your type of hair, or connect with someone with your hair type. Whatever you do, enjoy the process!

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