Shrinkage, Good or Bad?

Shrinkage, Good or Bad?

So often, we think of shrinkage as a bad thing! Yes, shrinkage takes away from your true length BUT shrinkage is actually a good sign of healthy hair. 

When your curls spring back up bouncy, beautiful and yes, sometimes short, this may mean your curls are healthy and typically, getting the needed moisture. Kudos to you for maintaining your hair health! 

Shrinkage is thought to be a pain in butt for many of our curl friends. However, shrinkage is one great indicator that you my friend, are doing something right. 

Shrinkage is also a sign of your hair’s elasticity and its resistance to breakage. This is known as the "spring factor", and means that your curls' structure and integrity of your hair are still intact.

It’s important to ensure that your hair is healthy by utilizing proper hydration and moisture. Irie’Roots has the tools and products you need to achieve this! Our Crazy Curlz Conditioner is a hydrating hair mask that will be perfect underneath our Irie’Roots Thermal Treatment Cap

So if you’ve been on the struggle bus with major shrinkage. First remember that it’s a great sign of healthy hair. Shrinkage provides volume, helps with shaping, is an optimum environment for moisture retention and retains more of a curl/coil pattern. 

If your still understanding your hair and want to learn more ways on styling, moisture retention and hair health, reach out to a stylist that specializes in natural hair. They can help you get started and provide the knowledge necessary for your healthy hair journey! Be’Irie

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